Six Weeks of One on One coaching to hold you accountable, learn new habits, break old ones, and make a workout routine that helps you THRIVE! 

Your overwhelming schedule couldn’t possibly allow for the time to get fit and healthy.

You’re just getting started or trying to get back into the rhythm of things.

You know you can and should be doing more for yourself.

 You’re almost completely convinced that trying to make time is a lost cause.

More than we admit, our success in life is tied to health and wellness. 

Our effectiveness in everything we do is directly affected by our health.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the boss, or the employee, a parent, or not, single or taken.

  • How often we get sick
  • Managing/preventing chronic health conditions
  • Poor Posture
  • How we feel when we look in the mirror

Our health has an effect on all other areas of our life!

Unfortunately, too many of us mis-prioritize our efforts and put 

everything and everyONE else in front of ourselves.

Whenever you think about what to do, you psych yourself out:

The idea of a “Fit Life” blows up to become

too big, too complicated, too expensive, too time consuming. 

The Abominable Fit Life Monster is just too darn scary. 

You decide you don’t have the wherewithal to even try to tame this monster 

and ultimately you have resigned to believe

“it’s just not for me”

But this IS for you!

Don’t let the fictional fitness monster scare you!

If you're an awesome parent or an aspiring entrepreneur, or both 

You deserve to be and feel healthy, strong, and confident!

You owe yourself the best version of you!

You can’t get that without investing a little time in yourself. 

But that’s why I’m here!

I’ll teach you how to how to tame the abominable fit life monster!

I lost over 30 lbs while running my own insurance business. 

It was an innocuous process, but all of the sudden I weighed more than I had ever weighed in my entire life. I felt like my body had betrayed me, I didn’t feel like myself. My clothes were getting uncomfortable.

Something had to give.

I was in the office, on the road, and training other agents. I didn’t have a lot of time, but with patience and perseverance, I learned my personal balance of eating good(what tastes good) and eating well(good for me foods), and finding a workout schedule that worked for me. 

I was able to graduate out of the extremes I was taught to believe were the only acceptable paths to health, and found my personal Fit Life Balance.

Six Weeks of One on One coaching to hold you accountable, learn new habits, break old ones, and make a workout routine that helps you THRIVE! 

I’ll guide you:

  •  Learn great strategies for creating your own exercise schedule and make the most of your time. Sometimes your schedule determines the workout, and that’s OK!
  •  Gym, home gym, no gym, no problem. I got you covered with 2 sets of workouts to maximize your workout schedule according to what you’ve got going on in the other areas of your life!
  •  Learn the mental tricks to avoid these roadblocks: “I don’t have time” “I don’t feel like it” “I don’t feel right prioritizing my workout”
  •  Your workout schedule should be as individual as you. With ongoing coaching through the mobile app, I will tweak and make recommendations to your workouts based on what you log


Fitness is personal. There are best practices but not a one size fits all approach.  

Not even for habit building!  

In my time training face to face clients, I’ve learned the biggest challenges most women face aren’t bringing their best effort to the gym, it’s staying accountable outside of it.  

In other words, the workouts aren’t as much a problem as developing a mindset around breaking old habits and creating new ones.  

This is why online training works; you get all the guidance and accountability of having a trainer without the challenge of coordinating your schedule.


Workouts are delivered to you through my app for both gym and home. You're never without a workout, no matter where you are!  

Easy to follow plans and video explanations of each exercise.

Meal Plans that sync with your stats to keep you on track.

  Direct messaging to me, your trainer, all in the app! 

It’s like having me there with you every day!  


When it comes to making progress, one of the most important tools is tracking data.

Benchmark Workouts will measure your progress. 

Record your workout stats and body measurements in one place to see your growth and identify trends.

Fitness is fluid: knowing where you've been helps me determine your next steps.


Weekly check-ins and schedule declarations:  

The weekly check in form will record relevant points of progress and address questions or concerns regarding your schedule and training.

We’ll skype face to face every week so we can talk about your schedule, eating habits and workouts to ensure that you stay on track, challenged and motivated.


Stay connected to fellow challengers in the facebook group.  

Bumps in the road? I’m here to help you.  

We’ll figure out how to fix it and move on, instead of just falling off the bandwagon due to frustration.


  • You will learn the flexibility needed to be the master your schedule
  • How to structure your workouts so they make sense for you
  • Regain the feeling of being cool, calm, and confident in your own skin
  • Gain strength and lose weight
  • And feel the exhilarating benefits of regular exercise, increased energy and better sleep

I’ll show you how the Abominable Fit Life Monster

is a totally tamable cuddly lifelong companion.

Are you ready to tame your own monster?